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Corey Ward - 77

Corey Ward - 77


Corey Ward





My Family:

Dad-Bob Ward, Wife & kids- Tammi, Brittney & Bailey Ward, Sister & Brother in-law- Terri and Phil

Special Thanks:

Special thanks to Mark Keller for the awesome engine, my Dad and Polllard's Service of I.R.


Car Number:

# 77

Car Owner:

Corey, Tammi and Bob Ward

Race Team:

Bob & Tammi Ward and Mark Keller

My Website:

Driver's Facebook/Fanpage:

2010 Sponsors:

Dale Pugh of Bridgewater Excavating, The Boat Doctor and Indian River Car Quest

My Favorite Racing Memory:

Feature win 8-24-06 when my dad held the checked flag & rode around with me for the victory lap

My Biggest Accomplishment in Racing:

4th of July 2006 Street Stock Feature race win @ Onaway race track

Driver I Most Respect:

Nascar drivers-Alan Kuwicki, Dale Jarrette & Mark Martin (when they were loyal to Ford)

My 2011 Racing Goals:

Hold the checked flag for a race win at the new Onaway Speedway

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