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Tyler Noeske - 15

Tyler Noeske - 15


Tyler Noeske




Vanderbilt MI

My Family:

Andy and Joe Noeske

Special Thanks:

to my dad for all the support and work he does on our cars, Marv and my Grandpa


Car Number:


Car Owner:

Tyler Noeske, Andy Noeske

Race Team:

Andy Noeske, Marv Olrich, Joe Noeske

My Website:

Driver's Facebook/Fanpage:

2010 Sponsors:

country car sales, gaylord ford, golden auto electric

My Favorite Racing Memory:

watching my dad in kinross when he started scratch in the late model and beat all the supers to win

My Biggest Accomplishment in Racing:

breaking track record in elmira pro 4 division, winning numerous features in pro4

Driver I Most Respect:

Andy Noeske (dad), bud gray, randy saddison

My 2011 Racing Goals:

win a feature in the mods before joey

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