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Paul Klein #4

Paul Klein

Paul Klein #4


Paul Klein





My Family:

Kari, Kaitlyn, Aubrie, Mom, Dad

Special Thanks:

Bomber Fans

Paul Klein ##4


Car Number:


Car Owner:

Paul Klein /Gang Green Race Team

Race Team:

Kaitlyn Klein

My Website:

Driver's Facebook/Fanpage:

2010 Sponsors:

Van Beauregard Const./ Gilchrist Mechanical / A C Decals / Amsoil Lubricants,Parrott Farms

My Favorite Racing Memory:

Wife, Kari and niece Liz racing each other with both my cars in powder puff.

My Biggest Accomplishment in Racing:

Past season championships

Driver I Most Respect:

Bill Englehart (bump n runs)

My 2011 Racing Goals:

Enjoy racing season with fellow bomber drivers and fans!

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