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Racing Rules

Tough Truck Rules 2012

2012 Tough Truck Stock  Rules

Rules subject may change without notice.

Any questions or information call 231-758-0330

Disclaimer: Onaway Speedway, Inc does not imply or guarantee safety. Total responsibility of vehiclesafety and rule compliance is owner/driver, not Onaway Speedway, Inc. Officials reserve the right to alter program or purse structure in the interest of time restraints. Onaway Speedway officials have all rights to refuse any vehicle entered into any event.

Driver Specifications: Must be at least 16 years of age to compete.

Safety: Full face helmet required. Fire suit recommended. MUST have seatbelt or racing harness. Roll bars, fire extinguisher, neck brace or any other safety devise is strongly recommended.

1. Open to cars and trucks (2 or 4 wheel drive).

2. Vehicle must be in good mechanical condition and must have good working brakes. And have easy to find hooks for a wrecker to hook to.

3. Only ONE driver per vehicle (NO PASSENGERS).

4. No PRO-ARENA type vehicles.

5. Must have stock frame.

6. Shocks must be in stock location.

7. Only DOT approved tires.

8. Suspension lifts allowed.

9. No nitrous oxide, superchargers, or turbos allowed

10. After market headers and exhaust are allowed.

11. Vehicle can have advertisement on the car, but nothing obscene.

12. Absolutely NO ALCOHOL OR ILLEGAL DRUG USE. Onaway Speedway, INC. reserves the right to disqualify or refuse entry for being under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

This type of event may have several challenges based on vehicle count.

The courses will not be designed to destroy your vehicle