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Racing Rules

Street Stock 2014


1) Standard size American made sedans or coups (2 or 4 door type). Engines, Frames and Bodies MUST match make-to-make i.e. Ford-to-Ford, Chevy-to-Chevy. ―Stock means unaltered and as originally produced. O.E.M. equipment only unless otherwise noted, subject to track approval. You MUST declare the year, make and model of your body and chassis to tech officials so that your car may be inspected properly for wheel base and other factors. Ride height will be 6" with driver in car after feature. Wheels will remain straight and driver will be in race position with helmet on or in lap for teching procedures.


2)There must be a firewall between driver and the trunk and engine area using 20 gauge steel sheeting. Any vehicle manufactured over 108" wheel base may be shortened to 108".


3)· Body:· Any exterior metal work must be done in steel, aluminum or fiberglass.· Interior metal work may be done in aluminum.· All glass must be removed. Windshield mandatory - Lexan recommended.· Headlamps, lights, and any chrome strips must be removed.· No mirrors allowed.· Driver entry/exit must be 13”x24” unrestricted minimum.· Window net is mandatory.· Drivers seat must be race seat securely fastened and seat must be pinned or bolted to prevent movement.· Aftermarket 5-point seatbelt mandatory; must be secured to roll cage.

·4)· Roll Cages:· Two braces may be placed from top of rear cage to rear bumper area and may have an “X” for strength.· Any installation must be for extra safety of the driver.· Tubing must be no smaller than 1 ½” O.D. with .095 thousandths thickness - subject to track officials approval.· Door plate and foot plate mandatory - 10”x30”x1/8”.· Three driver protection bars mandatory.· 4 post roll bar required.· Front hood optional but must not pass through grill or front of car.


·7)· Engine:·ENGINES:Solid steel motor mounts allowed. Forward most spark plug must be inline or ahead of upper ball joint centerline. Stock cast iron block. Any cast iron 23 degree head allowed. Altering or porting of heads allowed. At or under 365 cubic inch·225lbs compression no weight. Over 365 ci including de-stroked 400 and or over 225 lbs compression·100 lbs. Roller rocker and stud girdles allowed. Roller cams and roller lifters not allowed. Any flat tappet camshaft can be used. Hydraulic or solid lifter with stock lifter bore. Stock unaltered Rochester 2 GC 2 barrel carburetor or Holley 4412. A maximum throttle plate is 1.687. Stock or Edelbrock Performer intake part number 2101 or 2116. Edelbrock intake part number 2181 allowed for Fords. Stock battery operated ignition systems. 4 x 14 inch air cleaner allowed. No flow control air cleaners allowed.· Air boxes allowed. No antifreeze cars. Must have a working starter at all times. 140 cranking RPM min for engine testing IE compression, cubic inch. Compression will be checked with throttle wide open.

·8) Rochester 4 barrel allowed with cast iron intake and cast iron exhaust manifolds on cars running radial tires with 60 series max are allowed a 250 lb weight break

·9)· Carburetors:Carburetor claim $250.00. Must compete in two previous features to be eligible to claim. The claimer must exchange the carb from his or hers car along with $250.00. Failure to accept claim results in loss of points for the year and money for that night. Claim must be made within 5 minutes of end of feature. Carburetor from claimer must be exact match and perform or claim is voided. Carbs cannot be claimed one week prior to mid-season championship and season championship.

10)· Motor Mounts:· Solid mounts allowed.

·11)·Exhaust:·Cast Iron manifolds or conventional down-turn style headers with single tube max size of 1 5/8".

·$100 header claim. 3" collector with 2 1/2 inch exaust pipe max.·

· Must exit behind drivers area.· 100 decibel maximum.


12) All electronic and/or computerized wheel spin and /or ignition retardation and/or acceleration limiting and/or traction control devices of any type will not be permitted. Adjustable ping control devices, dial a chip controls and/or automated throttle controls will not be permitted. Adjusted restrictor plates will not be permitted. Remote control components of any type will not be permitted. Radios and/or devices for transmitting voice and/or data will not be permitted. Data acquisition will not be permitted


·13)· Radiator:· Over-flow (can) mandatory

·14)· Transmission:· Factory stock transmission cooler allowed. If running an automatic will have shelled torque convertor. No made for racing transmissions.

·15)· Drive Shaft:· Must have loop.


·16)· Suspension:· MUST be for that make/model/year.· This will be enforced.· No lumber, chain, spacers, cutting or welding allowed.· Tubular upper A-arms optional. Front suspension will be stock type no sliders in upper a arms. No Panhard bars, 3 links or any other trick rear suspensions that did not come stock. Howe center link allowed. Shocks may be mounted in an outboard fasion but high dollar racing shocks or adjustable shocks are not allowed $100 claim on any one shock.


·17)· Springs:· Spring Cups in front; Screw Jacks in Rear. Screw jacks in front welded or not will not be allowed.

·18)· Spoilers:· 8” spoilers allowed

·19)· Battery:· May be moved into cab area, covered, and securely fastened in a marine battery box.

·20)· Bumpers:· Reinforcing of front bumper allowed - must be rounded off.

·21)· Radiator:· Small radiator guard behind grill is allowed.

·22)· Tires:··· American Racer 235/75/15 race tires

·23)· Wheels:· 8” wide maximum.· No mags.· Steel only.· All wheels must be store-bought painted safety-approved.·· Aftermarket only.

·24)· Fuel cell:· Mandatory - must be no less than 8” from ground.· No fuel cell with lines on bottom of fuel cell.· Gas tank must be painted red and securely fastened in trunk.

·25)· Helmet:· Mandatory- 85 snell or better.· ·

·26)· Fire Suits:· Mandatory

·27)· Fire Extinguisher:· Mandatory - must be mounted in a quick release bracket within drivers reach. Minimum 5 Lb

·28)· Hood:· Scoop - 3” high - is allowed

·29)· Fuel Pump:· Must have mercury switch on electric fuel pump.

·30)· Flywheel:· No aluminum allowed.· Racing clutch allowed.7 1/2" minimum

·31)· 9”· Ford rear end allowed - must be stock appearing.

·32)· Brakes:· Disc brakes allowed.· Brake adjusters of any kind must be outside of drivers compartment.· No brake floaters allowed.


·33)· Weight:· Minimum weight - 3250 lbs - cars and trucks with driver, after race.· Weight may be added to vehicle, but must be securely fastened (officials discretion).


···················· (Camaro, Firebird, Thunderbird, Mopar)·

·Stock frame is to be unaltered to center of rear axle for full frame cars.


Camaro must have full unaltered front sub frame

 Aluminum or Fiberglass roof panels weigh·3250·lbs. OEM Stock steel roof skin, b pillars and 3 inches down on quarters, stock appearing steel hood skin and steel trunk skin will receive a weight break for this division of 100lbs


·Maximum left side weight is 55% and maximum rear weight is 50%

·Steel for hood,roof,and deck lid is minimum 22 gauge

·Any parts found to be illegal are subject to confiscation

·Any parts that are confiscated and deemed legal will be returned if illegal will be kept and auctioned off.