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Racing Rules

Invite Rules

Onaway Speedway Open Invitational Sept 9th,10th,11th, the race will be ran on Sat the 10th with practice on the 9th from noon till dark and practice on Sat will be at 9 am till noon and rain date on the 11th. Qualifying will be 12 noon on the 10th with racing starting at 3pm.

This will be the Inagural Onaway Open Invitational. It will be ran as an A,B,C, format with up to 20 cars in the feature per class. All ride height and weights will be done with driver in car as if you were going to race.

All of Onaway Speedways normal race and safety procedures will remain in place.

All cars will have Window Net, Fuel Cell, 5 Point Racing Harness, Lexan or Glass windshield, or Minimum or 3 bars in front of driver for protection from debris. All batteries will be securly fastened in or behind drivers compartment. You must have a battery cut off switch and if running an electric fuel pump a shut off switch for that. All cars must have working brakes and tow chains on front and rear of vehicle. All cars must have a driveshaft loop. No mud or snow type tires. 

The Modifieds and 4 Cylinders will be ran in their own divisions with A,B,C format for rest of competitors

1) All cars will have a minimum of a 4 point cage consisting of 1 3/4" .095" wall tubing. Front and rear hoops are suggested but not required.

2) Modifieds will be ran under our regular rules package and procedures of Onaway Speedway.

3) Four Cylinders will be ran on street radials no made for racing or competition tires will be allowed. They will be a minimum weight of 2200 lbs and have a minimum ride height of 4"

4) The A,B,C Format cars will be ran with a minimum weight of 3100 Lbs and a ride height of 4". They will be allowed to run either the Hoosier 970 tire or any 8" wide radial and recaps will be allowed.

5) There will be no left side or rear weight maximum or minimums. Headers or cast iron exaust with 2 or 4 barrell carburators. Aluminum or steel intakes will be allowed. We intend on these rules making any car legal to race in the event with very minor changes to draw the maximum amount of cars.

6) Transponders will be utilized in all classes at a cost of $10 per car.

7) Payout will be Modifieds $1200,800,500,400,300,200,175 to start and $50 to enter.  The 4 cylinders will be 4$400,300,200,100,50 to start and $35 to enter. The A,B,C will pay A Main $800,600,400,200,100 to start and $50 to enter. B Main will be $500,350,275,200,150,75 to start and $50 to enter C Main will be $400,300,200,100,50 to start and $50 to enter. Modifieds will run 75 laps and all other classes will run 50.

8) Any car traveling from south of M-57 will recieve an additional $100 tow money for making the travel up to the speedway.

9) There may be more rules added but since this a last minute thing we are working on getting it promoted to gain maximum cars.